When you purchase a new set of industrial batteries, we appreciate that you have made a significant capital investment in your new battery. At ECOBAT Battery Technologies, we want you to get the longest possible lifespan from your new battery. Correct maintenance of your battery is a vital part of getting the best performance & longevity from it.

A key part of this is regular & correct topping up of the electrolyte levels. Our automatic filling systems make this normally difficult & dirty job simple, quick and above all safe. There are several suppliers of watering systems for industrial batteries but our chosen partner for these products is BFS.

This family owned company based in Germany have been designing, manufacturing & supplying battery watering systems for over 30 years. They have won many awards along the way for their innovative products and in doing so have gained the confidence of many battery suppliers.

We can supply BFS systems for 2v traction batteries in any configuration and also for a wide variety of traction monoblocs too.

Please contact your local representative for more information.