Industrial Gel Monobloc

Gel Monobloc

Ordinary wet lead-acid monobloc batteries require regular topping up and maintaining which can be time-consuming. They can also release small amounts of gas during charging and this is not always acceptable in certain situations.

Gel monoblocs are often the answer to these problems.

Gel monoblocs are constructed in a similar way to standard lead acid monoblocs but rather than having an electrolyte solution inside, special polymers are added which turn the electrolyte into a gel paste. This allows the batteries to be completely sealed which makes them spillproof and non-hazardous.

Although a fantastic product, please note that it is not always quite as simple as swapping wet blocs for gel ones. Gel monoblocs require a different charger to standard lead acid blocs. We would provide you with all the information you need to enable you to make the correct choice based on your requirement.

Gel monoblocs are used in a wide variety of applications including floorcare equipment, light warehouse trucks and access platforms. The nature of its construction means it is not able to deliver quite as much capacity as a conventional wet lead-acid battery of the same physical size.

However if the battery is correctly selected & specified, the gel monobloc can be the right choice for many applications.

ECOBAT Battery Technologies is proud to offer the Sonnenschein range of Gel Monoblocs – widely regarded as the highest quality gel batteries in the world. Sonnenschein is part of the GNB / Exide group and has been manufacturing gel blocs for many years and the quality and performance of the brand are well renowned. We stock the full range of Sonnenschein product.