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Battery Chargers

ECOBAT Battery Technologies Industrial Division offer chargers for every application.

We have a longstanding partnership with Spe of Italy whose high quality & innovative product range cover most applications at a competitive price.

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We are also pleased to be the UK’s only approved sales and service provider of the revolutionary Fronius charger range’ please see our Fronius page for further details.

Materials Handling:

For materials handling equipment such as forklift trucks and warehouse machinery we offer our PowerPlus range.

This range of chargers are available in conventional 50Hz or High-Frequency versions.

50Hz range:

These are our standard range of chargers which offer many useful features at a competitive price.

50Hz chargers offer simplicity and reliability.

Standard PowerPlus chargers will offer a 10-11hr recharge time

PowerPlus 2 chargers will offer a 7-8hr recharge time

These are available in Single Phase and Three Phase configurations to suit your application and PowerPlus 2 variants can be configured with an inbuilt air pump for electrolyte circulation systems where required.

High Frequency Range:

High Frequency chargers offer greater efficiency than standard 50Hz units.

Green 2, Green 4 and Green 6 are the brand new range of high frequency chargers from SPE.

More compact than the previous PowerPlus HF model, the Green 2 and Green 4 range are suitable for wall mounting.

They are available in a wide range of specifications to cover most applications.

Available in Single Phase and Three Phase variants (depending on selected output)

Even greater efficiency than the previous model, the Green range can save you more money on your electricity costs.

For more information on our Fronius chargers please visit our Fronius page.

Floorcare equipment:

We offer a wide variety of chargers for standalone and onboard use.

PowerPlus are our regular 50Hz chargers for use with wet batteries.

CBHF/CBHD are our high frequency range – available in many configurations.

Always available from stock for fast despatch.

Access Platforms:

For access platforms we offer the CBHF 1 & 2 ranges.

These are onboard chargers and are fully microprocessor controlled.

Can be configured for use with wet, gel and AGM battery types.

Several models are available with 110v inputs for onsite use.