Our History

Ecobat Battery U.K., formally Manbat Ltd and before that Manchester Batteries, has been the UK’s largest and most trusted battery supplier for decades.

A household name in the aftermarket, its reputation for quality products and good old fashioned service remains as strong today as it was in 1952 when the business was founded by Harry Pemberton.

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The Group

Ecobat Battery is energised by the three forces that came together to form it.

Three leading battery distributors joined forces to form Ecobat Battery; Manbat in the U.K., Manbat France and Hefra in the Benelux.

Ecobat Battery provide an extensive range of products as well as technical expertise; with 29 distribution hubs, they are the largest battery distribution network in Europe.

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Industrial Division

Ecobat Industrial has dedicated branches that make it the largest independent supplier of industrial power products and services in the UK.

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Work with ECOBAT Battery, and experience the Power of Partnership.

We bring to you the range, service and technical expertise of the largest supplier network in Europe, so you can boost profits by ordering batteries from a bespoke service that’s tailor-made for your needs.

Partnering with ECOBAT Battery means you benefit from a range of brands, with no bias, including Lucas, VMF, Numax and VARTA batteries, among many others. You’ll also gain competitive advantage from our expert knowledge and superlative aftercare.

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