Ecobat Battery is energised by the three forces that came together to form it, the long and successful heritage of three thriving European businesses, and it’s this base of knowledge and expertise that enables us to develop and innovate new products and services designed to meet your needs. We’ve built Ecobat Battery on the power of partnership, so you can partner with a strong European network with unparalleled expertise.

Our Sister Companies:

HEFRA is Benelux’s largest importer of secondary batteries. With a strong distribution network in the Benelux countries, it provides the world’s leading battery brands so customers can maximise sales and profit.

MANBAT FRANCE is France’s leading battery specialist since 2009 with a wide selection of products and impeccable customer services. It’s loyal customers benefit from the competitive advantage of exceptional technical knowledge and aftercare.

Our Parent Group:

ECOBAT manufactures more than 20% of Europe’s lead, making it the largest single lead manufacturer in Europe.

With production facilities throughout Europe, United States and South Africa, Ecobat produces approximately 840,000 tonnes of lead and lead alloys per annum. Latest and cutting-edge technologies are always used to deliver highly efficient and environmentally responsible production of the highest quality materials.

In addition to the core product, lead, Ecobat Technologies supply a variety of raw material, finished and semi-finished products including:

  • Tailored lead qualities
  • Lead sheets
  • Anodes
  • Special alloys
  • Silver and Gold
  • Polypropylene chips and compounds
  • Chemicals
  • Lead acid and other batteries

The ECOBAT Group prides itself on the provision of industrial services such as worldwide consultancy on lead and lead products and metallurgical processes, and incorporates innovative collection and recycling services.

Ecobat Battery’s core belief in the Power of Partnership breathes throughout the organisation at large, working with our customers to develop tailor-made products and specifications that consistently exceed requirements, whether for lead or any other product or service.


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