The Numax battery – a major player

Our wholly owned Numax range introduced in 2002 is renowned for quality, and offers a range so diverse you can be sure there is a battery for every application. Over the last decade the brand has become a significant player within the automotive sector and established itself as the UK’s premier range of leisure and marine batteries.

The power of Numax batteries is growing

ECOBAT Battery Technologies only sources and stocks the very best in stored energy solutions for all applications, to offer you batteries from a wide range of premium battery manufacturers sourced especially for the very highest standards in quality, design and technology. That’s why we established Numax. The Numax family continues to expand, with innovative products for the stored energy marketplace. Our innovative Numax battery chargers are all-in-one, 12 volt diagnostic units designed to charge and maintain batteries and keep them in peak condition to give users uninterrupted service. With ‘Deep Discharge Recovery’, ‘Fast Cycle Charge’, and ‘Long Term Battery Maintenance’ features, they do more than recharge, they take care of batteries. Another innovation is that, depending on the battery type, technology and application, our Numax branded motorcycle batteries are often supplied with an acid pack in the box, which means a much longer shelf life. The Numax bike battery is only filled using the acid pack at the point of sale, which eliminates any possibility of ‘on the shelf’ sulphation.

The Numax range consists of the following batteries:

  • Standard
  • Premium
  • Supreme
  • EFB
  • AGM
  • Standard CV
  • Premium CV
  • Supreme CV
  • Leisure & Marine
  • Dual Purpose Marine/Leisure
  • Motorsport and Motorcycle
  • Mobility