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Everything you need to fit stop-start batteries in ONE BOX

Ecobat Battery Technologies is a long-term exponent of the need for independent workshops to be fully up to speed when it comes to both the batteries and the associated technology, that is present in every micro-hybrid, or stop-start, enabled vehicle. The ONE BOX is an all-in-one, stop-start battery analysis and replacement solution.

With the appropriate equipment and a little training, fitting stop-start AGM and EFB batteries correctly is not a complicated process. By providing a combination of products, which together allow workshops currently turning work away that would typically be charged at more than £185 per installation, the ONE BOX can help to open the way for workshops to access new business and increase profits.

Step 1: Test.

Testing every battery that comes into a workshop is a sure way to push battery sales. The EBT780 can give battery test results in less than 5 seconds. This battery analyser has been developed to test AGM and EFB batteries as well as regular flooded batteries, gel batteries and 12V and 24V charging systems.

  • Ripple voltage testing
  • Build in thermal printer
  • State of charge and state of health test
  • Multiple rating systems
  • Advanced starter/alternator test
  • Multilingual

Step 2: Save.

When replacing an AGM or EFB battery, it’s essential that a memory saver is used; this will ensure that all electronic settings such as radio and seat settings are not lost during the replacement. The memory saver provided in the ONE BOX is a NOCO 7200 charger and a NOCO GC012 OBD connector. To create the memory saver, users simply connect the GC012 lead to the charger and set the charger to supply mode.

Step 3: Validate.

Once the new battery is in place and the memory saver has been unplugged the EBT420 battery validation tool can be plugged into the OBD port. The validation tool is used to ensure the vehicles ECU knows a new battery has been fitted so an appropriate charge rate can be set; this final step is essential.


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