A US Battery is hand-built for performance

We partner with the best manufacturers and apply our expertise in battery and lead production to bring more power to your business in the form of exceptionally high quality batteries from unique brands such as US Batteries.

US Batteries are hand-built with very thick grids and plates to ensure optimum amp hour capacity and a long life cycle. And because they are designed for high performance, they’re recognised as the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries. Specialist applications that rely on US batteries include golf, sweeper/scrubber, aerial lifts and marine applications.

With a US battery, you get:

  • Higher peak capacity
  • Increased initial capacity
  • Improved energy density
  • Enhanced re-charge ability
  • Fortified plate construction
  • Improved life cycle

Our technical teams create superior lead for battery production, and provide you with the world’s leading battery brands. Our base of knowledge and expertise enables us to develop and innovate new products and services designed to meet your needs. That’s why ECOBAT Battery Technologies gives you US Batteries that are both dependable and reliable, and through exceptional capacity and density will provide the extensive service life and shelf life that’s needed in so many applications.