Innovative battery technology starts and ends with us

As vehicle technology advances, it’s the Power of Partnership between ECOBAT Battery Technologies and OEMs that is developing the innovative battery technology that manufacturers choose. VMF Start Stop AGM (Absorbent Glass Mat) is one of the latest developments in state-of-the-art battery technology. It is ideally suited to cars with Start-Stop and/or regenerative braking systems. For vehicles with Start-Stop features, VMF Start Stop AGM ensures reliable performance with quick responses every time.

The technology behind VMF Start Stop AGM

The electrolyte in a VMF Start Stop AGM battery is held completely in an absorbent mat of very thin glass fibres, allowing larger quantities of energy to pass through. These new generation AGM batteries are now factory fitted in the majority of Start-Stop vehicles, and through manufacturing partnerships they are becoming a feature in many other areas from commercial vehicles to caravans, motorboats, motorcycles, marine vessels and beyond.

VMF Boosters

Ultra compact, ultra powerful, ultra safe battery boosters

Our customers improve the services they offer and the profits they make because we only specify the best products for them, based on their requirements, to power work, play and beyond. And that’s what we offer with ultra-compact and powerful lithium-ion boosters, which are robust, safe and reliable.

With patented safety technology to provide spark-proof connections and reverse polarity protection, the VMF Booster is capable of delivering starting currents of up to 4,000 Amps. There are no detrimental effects if the booster is left uncharged, and it holds its charge for over a year. VMF Boosters can power your favourite 12-volt devices (including tyre pumps, power inverters, lights and more), and up to 500 lumens of light. And they’re suitable for extreme operating conditions to meet the highest demands on reliability; a VMF Booster can jump start a 10-litre diesel engine on a combine in temperatures of minus 10ºF.

Power and safety for automotive, sport and leisure

Among the range of VMF Boosters is the Boost Sport option, designed for powersports applications such as motorcycles, ATVs, UTVs, Lawn & Garden, and more. It’s powerful enough to start larger applications, such as cars and trucks up to 4L, and includes precision battery clamps designed to connect to smaller batteries and terminals. The Boost+ booster is designed for a wider range of vehicle applications, including cars, trucks and SUVs, and is strong enough to start diesel engines that require more power. In fact, the Boost+ will start almost any application, even in extreme cold.

VMF Testers

VMF Testers validate a battery in seconds

As modern technology evolves, more and more vehicle manufacturers are adopting ‘Start/Stop’ with smart charging and battery management. Close collaboration with major brands has driven the development of advanced Start-Stop batteries that are now factory fitted in the majority of Start-Stop vehicles, and partnerships are developing in many other areas from commercial vehicles to caravans, motorboats, motorcycles, marine vessels and beyond. For vehicles with Start-Stop features, battery validation with VMF Testers ensures reliable performance with quick responses every time. Whether you are replacing the battery ‘like for like’ or changing the technology, a VMF Tester does it in seconds.

Keep batteries in peak condition for uninterrupted service

VMF Testers are quick and easy to use. The Battery Control Module manages the degradation of the battery and charges it accordingly to maintain the best performance of the battery and the application. If the battery’s duty cycle drops too low, the battery management module registers a diagnostic fault code, so that the user can swiftly diagnose the charging system and, if there is no fault, replace the battery. With only six functional buttons, you can easily navigate through the menu structures to validate a replacement battery in as little as 60 seconds. This way, our VMF Testers can charge and maintain batteries and keep them in peak condition to give users uninterrupted service.