August 2, 2016 3:14 pm

A New Company For A Positive Future

Automechanika Frankfurt in September will be the venue for the first official appearance of ECOBAT Battery Technologies, a new company that has been formed from the consolidation of three independent businesses operating within the ECOBAT Technologies Group. ECOBAT Battery Technologies is therefore an entirely new entity, which is able to offer a unique and comprehensive battery service across Europe.

The three consolidated businesses all have an enviable heritage and superb reputation within their home markets and in the case of Manbat France, that heritage has enabled the company to establish itself as a prominent battery distributor for not just the automotive and commercial vehicle sectors, but for the leisure, marine and industrial industries. Now brought together under a single European identity these businesses are able to benefit their existing customers and influence the far wider market, in a way they would not have been able as individuals.

The establishment of ECOBAT Battery Technologies is a strategic development that makes the entity Europe’s number one battery partner, offering a four-fold service from product conception, design and construction, to its regional and local circulation and end of life collection. In the process it is able to provide the most suitable solution for every aspect of the aftermarket battery supply business and demonstrate the power of partnership with its existing and future customers.

Alongside the very best in customer service, ECOBAT Battery Technologies is able to back up its offering with the brands that provide the opportunities that workshops need to develop their battery related business and with premium quality products that give their customers complete confidence. Prominent in its portfolio is Lucas, a brand widely recognised across the continent and offering huge potential for future growth.

Environmental responsibilities are, quite correctly, a reality for all sectors of industry and the aftermarket is no different. Therefore, this is another area in which ECOBAT Battery Technologies can make a positive difference by providing a truly European closed-loop recycling service that takes care of all the waste management requirements for the workshop and ensures the most environmentally sensitive outcome for battery disposal.

As a result of these combined elements and the consolidation of the successful existing businesses, ECOBAT Battery Technologies is able to offer the European aftermarket a positive and unique solution that sets new standards across a wide range of requirements and delivers quality products and a level of service that will make a genuine difference to its customers and the profitability of their businesses.

The Power of Partnership

Successful businesses are built on solid and dependable relationships that allow them to develop and grow. ECOBAT Battery Technologies has made partnership a foundation principle at the heart of its business ethos. Developing partnership is central in its relationship with its product suppliers, with recycling specialists and of course, with its customers. These partnerships provide the environment to power business growth and define ‘the power of partnership’.