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Our power goes a long, long way

We’ve revitalised the car battery business. Comprising HEFRA, Benelux’s largest importer of secondary batteries, MANBAT FRANCE, France’s leading battery specialist, and MANBAT UK, the UK’s largest and most trusted battery supplier, ECOBAT Battery Technologies is now Europe’s largest distributor of power solutions, and the right choice when choosing a battery supplier. Partnership with ECOBAT Battery Technologies enables you to leverage economies of scale that help boost performance and profits.

The car battery provider that’s gone on and on

ECOBAT Battery Technologies have been supplying automotive batteries for more than 65 years now and our priority is you, so we work with leading battery brands including Lucas, VMF, Numax and VARTA to provide car battery and van battery replacement range with premium quality that you and your customers can trust. And that quality has been proven time and time again. For almost 40 years we have been in partnership with VARTA batteries, a provider so relied upon that they are chosen by more than 80% of European car manufacturers requirements, and regarded across the car industry as the manufacturers of the highest quality automotive battery range available today.

A choice of premium quality automotive batteries

As well as VARTA batteries, there’s our wholly owned VMF and Numax ranges, and the pan-European Lucas range. Lucas, VMF and Numax and are renowned for their quality, and these brands form a part of their own wide range of stored energy products beyond batteries for cars, including leisure, marine and motorsport.