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A battery charger that does more than recharge

ECOBAT Battery Technologies gives you batteries that are both dependable and reliable, and will provide the extensive service life that users need.

Our Noco, VMF and Numax battery chargers are all-in-one, 12 volt diagnostic units designed to charge and maintain batteries and keep them in peak condition. With ‘Deep Discharge Recovery’, ‘Fast Cycle Charge’, and ‘Long Term Battery Maintenance’ features, they do more than recharge, they extend the life of batteries.

A more intelligent battery charger

When your battery requires charging, simply ‘Connect + Forget’ and you can rely upon a Numax or VMF battery charger to make sure your battery is in peak condition next time you need it. As well as the Numax and VMF chargers, there’s Noco battery rechargers, very intelligent, safe and compact units. Noco battery rechargers are 2x faster than traditional battery chargers, with energy-saving intelligence as well as recovery memory and heat monitoring capabilities. For a Motorcycle, ATV, Boat, Motorhome, Car, Commercial or golf battery charger, Noco knows how to take care of a battery.