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A comprehensive range of superior quality golf battery products

A good golf battery guarantees more power, more reliability and more rounds of golf. ECOBAT Battery Technologies supplies a comprehensive and superior quality golf battery range – and that includes a golf battery charger to take players even further.

From golf trolley batteries to golf buggy batteries, and everything in between, ECOBAT Battery Technologies can provide the best possible solution for the game’s power requirements, both on and off the course. That’s because we source from the world’s leading manufacturers, including US Battery, the world’s leading manufacturer of deep cycle batteries used in golf buggies.

Batteries for golf buggies and trolleys with more power

US Batteries, global leaders in golf buggy battery technology, are hand-built with very thick grids and plates to ensure optimum amp hour capacity and a long life cycle. There’s also Lucas and VMF golf power batteries, which are ideal for all brands of powered golf trolleys, guaranteeing increased power and longevity for more time on the course.

It’s this base of knowledge and expertise that enables us to develop and innovate new products and services designed to meet your needs. That’s why ECOBAT Battery Technologies gives you golf batteries that are both dependable and reliable, and will provide the extensive service life and shelf life that golfers need.

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