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A marine battery range that’s clean, powerful and safe

We operate a life cycle that’s good for the environment and good for your business. Our closed-loop production, and our position as the world’s most prolific lead recycler, means we deliver the best possible environmental protection. And when it comes to marine batteries our customers can rely on products that deliver clean, safe energy in a powerful package.

The marine battery range for every application

Our range of marine batteries UK and Europe-wide is so diverse you can be sure there is a battery for every application. ECOBAT Battery Technologies’ own branded Numax range is extensive, providing the customer with a huge choice of high quality boat batteries, some of which are fitted to new Sunseeker luxury yachts as original equipment. So, if you’re looking for an exceptional boat battery, Numax is proven as the manufacturers’ choice for premium quality marine vessels.

The Lucas marine batteries we provide are sealed and maintenance-free, and crafted using the tried and tested manufacturing techniques that are trusted throughout the industry. The Lucas XV Supreme marine battery range gives you a new generation of clean, safe and more powerful portable energy for applications such as yachts, motorboats and canal boats, giving reliability as well as the best possible environmental protection.

Optima marine batteries are proven worldwide, and beyond (they were originally used in the lunar rovers). Using the very latest developments in SPIRALCELL technology, they’re used extensively in more than 60 countries across the globe, across many applications – yet another leisure battery we provide that gives you the power to achieve more.