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The first choice for motorbike batteries

We’re Europe’s Number 1 battery supplier, and we’re the world’s number 1 lead manufacturer. And we make motorcycle batteries that are the number 1 choice for riders and racers.

A motorcycle battery that makes a winning combination

ECOBAT Battery Technologies stocks a massive range of motorcycle batteries UK and Europe-wide, and we cover a huge range of motorsport applications. To keep your business in 1st place, our range of motorcycle batteries consists of the frontrunners in this marketplace – Lucas, VMF and Numax. Depending on the battery type, technology  and requirement, our Lucas, VMF and Numax branded motorcycle batteries are often supplied with an acid pack in the box, which means a much longer shelf life. The majority of Lucas, VMF and Numax bike batteries are only filled using the acid pack at the point of sale, which eliminates any possibility of ‘on the shelf’ sulphation. ECOBAT Battery Technologies is also Europe’s only supplier of Lucas, VMF, Numax and VARTA batteries, respected worldwide for their supreme quality.

The first choice motorbike battery

Our Lucas motorsport batteries bring together a winning combination of leading edge technology, robust design and precision engineering for motorcycle, off-road and jet ski applications. They deliver exceptional starting power of up to 30% more than traditional batteries and the high resilience to deep, repeated discharge. Not surprisingly, racers and riders alike make Lucas their first choice, whether it’s a 12v motorcycle battery or a moped battery.